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Kulal 2293m

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KULAL 2293m

A very remote tertiary volcano. Considerable erosion has left behind a long, steep-sided and in places knife-edge ridge running north-south and overlooking Lake Turkana. There are 3 summits. The south one is easily accessible from Gatab mission (1830m); the north summit can be reached from a poor and remote track approaching Kulal from North Horr, a township 50km north of the mountain. The central, highest top, is reached from the north summit in about 1h. The complete traverse of the 3 tops is a demanding, full-day expedition; the connecting ridge is steep-sided and thickly vegetated; a rope and water should be carried.

The walk up to the south summit is pleasant. Initially a good track leads through forests and meadows; higher the path narrows and leads through shady forest to the summit ridge which provides superb views of the main ridge to the north, and east down the El Kajarta Gorge to the deserts below and west to Lake Turkana. Allow 5h for the walk to the summit and back; water is available near the halfway point. Gatab mission can be reached either from the South Horr-Loyangalani road or the South Horr-Kargi road. The turn-offs are well marked and both lead in about 30km to Gatab; the road over the last few kms is steep and rough. It is possible to camp near the mission. Water is available there. It is advisable to hire a guide for the walk.

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