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Ndoto Mountains 2636m

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Above Ngurunit (800m) the main stream flows down a gorge flanked by high cliffs. A good path leads south-west up this and into a bowl (1200m), surrounded by a horseshoe of hills. Fine forests, meadows and the stream make this an attractive area. A few Rendille live here with their goats. To the south-east of the bowl, slabs lead to a fine summit and good viewpoint (1800m), 2h30 from base of gorge. To the west of the bowl fine forest walking on the higher mountain ridges is possible, and the highest point on the horseshoe is 2450m. Access to the higher area is difficult and a local guide would be invaluable to find a way through the dense bush above the lower bowl; allow a full day for the return trip.

There is another mission at Arsim, west of Poi (q.v.). It can be reached by vehicle by taking the road from Illaut to South Horr; after 5km a turn off left leads in a further 14km to the mission (940m). Water is available here; possible campsite. The highest peak of the Ndoto, Alimision (2636m), lies 6km west-south-west of the mission. It is a fine summit; the final section of the walk goes up an open and in places knife-edge ridge. The return trip from the mission takes a full day. It is advisable to have a guide to locate the paths. Away from paths the going can be extremely tough.

Good paths connect Arsim with Ngurunit. From the mission head east to a col in 3km (1250m), excellent views. Ngurunit lies a further 10km away; the path initially follows a valley running east below Poi (qv) then swings south and joins the Illaut to Ngurunit road. Allow 4h either way.

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