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Northern Kenya

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Some of the most remote and exciting walking and exploring is to be found in Northern Kenya. The semi-deserts, forested mountains, Lake Turkana and the colourful people add up to make a unique and magnificent atmosphere. It is important to be very well equipped when entering the area. Public transport is available to Marsabit and Maralal. Several tour companies run regular safaris to Lake Turkana. Other places are hard to get to and some remote roads may have no vehicles on them for several days. It is particularly important to plan carefully for water and fuel requirements.

For most of the mountains described it is best to obtain a local guide. It is also vital to check the security situation along your proposed route.

Petrol: At Nyahururu, Nakuru and Isiolo there is no problem. At Marsabit it is almost always available. Maralal occasionally has no petrol. At Baragoi it is sometimes available privately - expensive. At Loyangalani mission it is almost always available - expensive. Most missions are in radio contact with Nairobi and help can be obtained through them in an emergency.

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