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Albert Bibbey
England Thu Jul 24 20:47:26 UTC+0100 2003

Back in 1941 I climbed with two RAF companions to Gillman's Point via Bismark and Peters huts to Kibo.
What happened to the interesting books recording climbers comments in the huts and also the contents of the box at Gilmans Point which contained many artifacts? We left a collection of RAF buttons. We stayed at the Marangu guest House run by two ladies.

Tell me the price
Iran Tue Jan 13 19:27:47 UTC+0330 2004

1-we are 13 people(student), we want to climb Kilimanjaro in this route: Umbwe Cave-Barranco Camp-Lava Tower-moir Hut-North Circuit Route-School Hut-Uhuru Peak-Horombo Huts-Mandara Huts in 4 days.
3-we want to see some of Tanzania national park in 3 days
Please set us a time scheduled and write to me if we our self provide our food during the trip how much i should pay to your agent and what be included in your price.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you for your enquiry. Please see http://www.ewpnet.com/kili.htm. This gives a basic intro to what can be provided. Follow links to the pricing page. As a rule operators provide all inclusive packages. If these are too expensive please write a more accurate proposal to an operator of your choice. EWP will provide a discount for student groups of your size. Sincerely AW.
6 lances
Haie d'or
USA Tue Mar 30 12:29:16 EST 2004

UK Sat Jun 12 21:32:47 UTC+0100 2004

Just back from our first trip to the foothills, but unable to consider a climb. I'm saving up for my next trip already!

Mr. Barry Cliff
Denise Moliterno
USA Sun Jan 9 17:17:36 PST 2005

I would like to have a copy of the brochure "The Inspiration" that describes the climb of Mts. Kilimanjaro and Kenya made by Barry Cliff and Rusty Baillie in 1964. Do you know how I could acquire a copy? Also, I had the good fortune of getting to know Mr. Barry Cliff when he worked in West Africa during my stay there from 1976 to 1980. Does anyone have a contact address for him? If you are able to reach him, please ask that he contact me at mjford@mchsi.com. Thank you.
Denise Moliterno

Wish to climb
Mark Boshoff
South Africa Tue Mar 1 11:21:37 UTC+0200 2005

Hi there. I have a book on Mount Kenya from the library, and would love to climb her.
I have no climbing experience, but am fit and willing to learn.
Do I need experience first?

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