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Climb Kilimanjaro

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Kilimanjaro Operators:
You are required to arrange your Kilmanjaro climb, in advance, through an approved local agency. Many are available, frequently the top provider (Tanzania Tourist Board rating based on number of people sent up by the provider in a given year) is Zara whose popularity is based on good value and a high reliability. You will not be able to book your trip with Zara on arrival in Tanzania - you are advised to do this in advance with their EWP internet booking office. See EWP for climb Kilimanjaro | Zara Kilimanjaro Ascents | ZARA general information

Kilimanjaro background information:
Kilimanjaro - the highest mountain in Africa, can be reached by several easy walking or scrambling routes. The two main summits, craggy Mawenzi, 5149m, and 'flat-topped', Kibo, 5896m, are separated by The Saddle, a 5km wide, high-altitude, semi-desert.

The main walking routes:
The Marangu Route provides walking on gentle forest and moorland paths up as far as 4700m. Above this height, steeper screes and then the spectacular snowy crater rim lead to Uhuru Peak. The Machame and Umbwe Routes up are more demanding. Steep forest paths, easy scrambling and airy ridges lead to the final screes and hence the crater. Nights are spent in tents as huts are used by porters. The Mweka Route is mainly used to descend after either of these routes. The Shira and Rongai (Oloitokitok) Routes are more remote and are less frequently used. A variation to the Shira Route is particularly beautiful and goes through one of the few areas on the mountain that is rich in game: this is called the Lomosho Glades Route.

Further Information
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