Jerzy Kukuczka

Temporary Display of Photographs

Mountain Information

These photographs were submitted for the publication of "My Vertical World", a biography of the Polish Mountaineer, Jerzy Kukuczka, who made first ascents of new routes or first winter ascents of all the world's fourteen 8000m peaks. The ascent of all the 14 was first achieved by Reinhold Messner with the help of many sponsors and considerable backing. Kukucka's much more demanding achievement was completed shortly afterwards - with the help of a dedicated group of mountaineering friends who earned money to fund these trips by industrial high building and constructions, rope access, maintenance work.

Kukuczka 1
Kukuczka 2
Kukuczka 3
Kukuczka 4
Kukuczka 5
Kukuczka 6
Kukuczka 7
Kukuczka 8
Kukuczka 9
Kukuczka 10

My Vertical World was published by Hodder and Staunton.
ALW 2/9/2014